Mobile Apps You Can Showcase through iPhone Mockup 

The iPhone mockup is the perfect tool to showcase a mobile application because it is the most important mobile device in this generation.

In this modern digital world, you can live with your mobile phone alone. It should be a pretty logical thing to say: iPhone is life! You can do everything on your iPhone with various mobile applications. So if you are thinking of developing something for business, an app design or concept seems like the most logical choice.

So here are some of the mobile application ideas that you can definitely design and develop:

1. Service application

There is no shortage of service applications and each one is just as important as the other. This is really one major type of application that can really change your life. This kind of application will help you just live with your cellphone. If you want to go somewhere, you use your phone to call for a cab or you can use your mobile application to order a car service. If you are hungry, you can order food through your service application. In fact, you can also order groceries with just one click of your phone—click on the mobile app and you are ready to go! See? There is no need to go out at all.

If you have a service application idea, the PSD mockup is definitely one way to showcase it. Get your free mockups on Mockup PSD Planet.  This is definitely a great website with high resolution and high quality mockups in PSD file and Sketch. These formats definitely make it easier for you to customize the mockup so you can show off your application idea.

The largest companies already have mobile applications, so look around your neighborhood and try to find a company where you can offer your expertise. Demonstrate your ability to craft a great design through the iPhone mockup.

2. Dating site

With people almost dependent on their awesome iPhone, there will always be space for more dating sites. Tinder has a specific interface that you can improve on. There are so many ways to match with people rather than just focusing on looks. In fact, if you can create a dating site that goes deeper, many people would be on board with that idea.

This kind of concept could best be showcased through iPhone X clay mockup. To find the nearest templates for the iPhone mockup, you can visit iPhone PNG generators. The iPhone X, of course, is among the most advanced iPhone models with lots of amazing features that just make your life easier. You can use the iPhone XS as centerpiece, too, if that is your preference.

The clay design is a minimalist one and it is important when you are trying to showcase photos. This way, you don’t need styles and effects to compete with images, which should be the focal point of your dating app. They don’t have to be photos of participants especially if you really want to be more innovative. But it doesn’t change the fact that images are important in this kind of application.

3. E-commerce

Nobody wants to go out and shop anymore. Why waste gasoline to go to the mall when you can shop on your couch while you are watching your favorite TV show. You can drink coffee while doing your shopping, or beer if that makes it better.

Again, you can check out the neighborhood and see if there are stores that might allow you to capitalize on the e-commerce concept. This is advantageous to the business because they can reduce their physical structure and save on real estate and utility.

The point of e-commerce is that business is all mobile. But if the business still wants to keep the physical structure, at least it doesn’t need to rent a two-storey space anymore. A single storey is enough because as trends would have it, more and more people prefer to do their business via phone.

If you are planning on selling your e-commerce design, flat designs would be the way to go. A flat design is another minimalist type of design. Many have called it boring but it doesn’t matter because with e-commerce, the highlight is the products that the business is selling. So you are going to sell your idea through amazing and high resolution photos ensconced in the iPhone mockup. It will be the user interface and the user exchange that will really sell this idea.

Showcase your UI and UX designs via photorealistic iPhone. You can complement your idea with a stationery mockup, which is really about branding. But you might as well throw a bone in order to give a complete package. Whether it is a stationery mockup or some kind of iPhone mockup, you can still find free PSD templates in the two sources already mentioned above: UX Planet and Ramotion.

4. Video sharing

You saw how TikTok just really took off. The idea is not necessarily unique. It is just about sharing videos. But TikTok innovated that principle of sharing videos. The developers of TikTok managed to make the app more fun and relatable. Not only that, it is also more challenging as people want to one-up the other in terms of going viral.

Then again, videos are available via Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. Snapchat was also big on videos and so was the now-defunct Vine. So you see, videos are nothing new but it is on how you make it better and more enjoyable than the last one. If you package your video idea via the iPhone mockup, make sure that you also find a fun frame to put your product into the right perspective.

Why the iPhone mockup?

The iPhone is really the ideal tool for mobile applications. So of course it would be better to showcase your mobile app ideas through the iPhone mockup. The advantage of the mockup is that it puts your mobile app design onto a realistic frame. This way, the audience of your visual presentation will see how your actual product will look when it is used in the real world.Realism is also the reason why some mockups put the iPhone in real-world settings. This will elevate your digital product as it will be put in real-life situations. For example, if your mobile application is about e-commerce, you can use the frame that shows a person holding an iPhone and a credit card. You can put your e-commerce design on the screen of the iPhone. The frame indicates that the person is shopping from your mobile app and paying with his credit card.